Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Beams Loaded in Plane: Testing Stiffness and Shear Strength

New paper by Francesco Boggian, Mauro Andreolli and Roberto Tomasi on the assessment of stiffness and shear strength of CLT beams loaded in-plane.

Set up

Abstract: Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a relatively new timber product used in construction that has gained popularity over the last decade. The product itself is constituted by multiple glued layers of juxtaposed boards, usually arranged in an orthogonal direction between one layer and the adjacent ones. This particular structure brings several benefits, such as the possibility to use the same product both for walls and slabs, since it can bear in-plane and out-of-plane loads. However, the mechanical behavior differs from usual timber products, and research is still ongoing to achieve common agreement on standard procedures for testing products and theories for evaluating stresses for safety verifications. This paper focuses on the in-plane shear behavior of CLT and analyzes the existing methods to evaluate shear stresses. An experimental part then presents a four-point bending test of CLT beams with a specific geometry to induce shear failure. Results are reported both for the elastic range test, measuring the Modulus of Elasticity, and for the failure test to investigate shear behavior with regard to different mechanisms. Previously exposed methods are used for the calculation of shear stresses and to analyze the correspondence between them, and the results are then compared with other existing tests and values in literature. A new test setup for future research is eventually proposed.

Failure modes


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CLT Training Course – COST Action FP 1004

The University of Trento has hosted from 15 to 17 April the Training Course “Structural design of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)”. 80 among professors, researchers and technicians in the field of timber structures from 23 countries, were able to exchange views for 3 days on the design and calculation of CLT elements. A course to be repeated!

Software Rothoeng

Register on the site to download for free the software Rothoeng 2.0 beveloped by Timber Tech for Rotho Blaas!

Calculation software for the design and check of connections between main beam and other beams with fully threaded VGS and VGZ screws.

  • Design by ETA – 11/0030
  • Standards: EN 1995-1-1:2008 e NTC 2008 (Italy)
  • Export of technical design calculation report with customization options
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Seismic testing on shaking table

Watch the results of the new seismic tests of wooden buildings performed by the University of Trento!

The Timber Structures Research Group of the University of Trento, coordinated by Prof. Maurizio Piazza and Prof. Roberto Tomasi, was the leader of the project for the seismic characterization of four wooden buildings designed with different construction types:

  • blockhaus
  • platform frame
  • platform frame with gypsum fibreboard
  • CLT

Platform frame structure