Civil Engineer, full Professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento.
Professional activities for industry, as consultant engineer (steel, timber and concrete structures).
Research activities on: a) steel structures, b) composite steel-concrete structures, c) assessment and strengthening of timber structures, d) seismic behaviour of traditional timber structures, e) traditional and innovative connections in timber structures, f) earthquake resistant timber structures, g) fire resistance of structures.
Member of different Research Projects of national interest funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. Member of Committees on “Wood and wood materials”: RILEM Technical Committe 215-AST “In-situ assessment of structural timber”, RILEM Technical Committe 245-RTE “Reinforcement of Timber Elements in Existing Structures”, Technical Committee CNR (Italian Research National Council) charged to set up the instructions for the use of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Materials for civil constructions (DT 201:2005), Technical Committee CNR charged to set up the instructions for the design of timber structures (DT 206:2007). Member of different COST Actions: COST Action C 12 “Improving building structural quality by new technologies”, COST Action FP1101 “Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures”, COST Action FP1004 “Enhance mechanical properties of timber, engineered wood products and timber structures”.
He is member of UNI-CIS commission for timber structures, Italian delegate within CEN TC 250 –SC5 “Timber structures”.
Author/co-Author of many books and Journal papers, co-Author of different Patents: Eu. Patent on a “Special Device for the execution of on site hardness test on load bearing timber elements” (VR2000A000052 it, 01112073.0 eu); Eu. Patent on a “Method of Manufacturing a Reinforced Wooden Beam and Reinforced Beam thus obtained” (VR2001A0000034 it, 02005324.5 eu); US Patent Application No. US 2011/0218744 A1 (Sep. 8, 2011) “Method and device for assessing the structural characteristics of installed supporting poles” (priority data VR2008A000116, Oct. 22, 2008)