What types of structures can be analyzed?
Timber Tech Buildings is a structural design software for analysis of timber shear walls structures realized using both CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and platform frame systems.
What kinds of seismic analysis can run the program?
The software allows you to run both equivalent linear static and modal linear dynamic (response spectrum) analysis .


What are the system requirements to run TimberTech Buildings?
The minimum requirements are: internet connection, 1 GHz processor, RAM 512 MB, OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 e 64 bit).
How can I install the software?
After the activation of the license and after you have downloaded the install file from your personal area, locate it using Windows Explorer and double click it to launch the installer. At first launch of TimberTech Buildings you are required to enter the “E-mail” and “Password” defined in the registration process.
The program can not connect to the Internet. What to do?
If there are problems related to internet connection, just download and run the appropriate patch from your personal page.


What types of licenses exist?
The user can choose between two activation types: single and portable licenses, both of them are permanent.
– The single license is automatically associated to the computer on which you install the program the first time and it cannot be moved to another computer.
– The portable license can be moved to another computer using a software key.
First of all, the user shall own the portable license. The user can easily transfer the software between two or more computers simply “releasing” the license on the first computer (clicking the “Release license” button on the software Welcome Page – Settings) and activating it on another computer using the log-in information.

The internet connection is necessary to complete the procedure.


What are the limitations of the demo version?
The demo version allows full use of the program with the following limitations: the partial safety factors used to check the structural elements are changed with respect to those proposed by the current rules. Morover you can not print the calculation report.


How can I upgrade the software?
The software update is fully automatic: each time you launch the program, TimberTech Buildings checks for new updates and installs them automatically. At each release of an update, users are informed on the innovations implemented by e-mail.
How can I update the program installed on machines not connected to the Internet?
With no connection to the Internet you must update manually the program by downloading the installation package from your personal area using another computer.
How can I check which version of the software is installed?
To check the current version of the software installed on your computer, simply click on “Informations about TimberTech Buildings”: you should refer to the number as shown in the figure below. If a new version of TimberTech Buildings is released and is ready to be installed you can update the software simply clicking the button that appears under the code number of the current version.

Software Version

What can I do if the automatic update procedure fails?
Semi-automatic procedure
Usually the software automatically updates. If the automatic update process is not successful simply follow these steps for the semiautomatic update procedure:

1 – Launch TimberTech Buildings. After a few minutes in the “Welcome Page” you can click on “Information about Timber Tech Buildings” and look for the message that indicates that there is a new version available.

2 – Close the program or simply click on the button “Update now”. In this way the downloaded updates will be installed automatically and when you will re-launch the software it will be updated.

Manual procedure
If the program doesn’t update you can proceed using the manual update procedure:

1 – Launch TimberTech Buildings click on the “Personal area” button that you can find in the “Welcome Page”

2 – Manually download the installer file from your Personal area

3 – Uninstall the software version currently installed on your computer

4 – Install the program

During the manual update procedure you may need to re-enter the password to activate the software. If you have lost your password you may use the recovery procedure.


What can I find in my personal page?
In user personal page you can download the program install file, read the main data related to your license (purchase date, expiration date of updates) and download some validation and verification examples and the connection fixer.

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