30/11/2016 New settings for platform frame walls, improvement of the calculation of the connections, new NADs added, new materials added, dxf export improved and new standards for materials added

In the latest version of the software, we have added the following new features:

  • Added new calculation options for the framed walls. The user has now the ability to manually change some of the parameters used in the calculation method proposed in section of EN 1995-1-1: to disable the limitations related to the aspect ratio of the panels in the famed walls, to impose a value of the calculation coefficient ci different from that calculated automatically by the software and to edit the value of the amplification factor of the lateral bearing capacity of the connectors (1,2) suggested by the European standard at paragraph (5). Therefore the user can now adapt the calculation method to the specifications present in some national standards (e.g. Swiss regulations).
  • Calculation of lateral load bearing capacity of the fasteners in the punched metals plates and straps both for tension and for shear forces: The calculation is performed using the Johansen theory giving the user the possibility to combine a connector (nail or screw) to a plate or a punched metal strap. The software automatically performs a series of checks on the compatibility between the connecting elements (plates) and the fasteners chosen by the user and it uses the correct set of formulas, respectively, for thin or thick plates. The total carrying capacity of the group of fasteners is now calcluated using the effective number of fasteners which is evaluated according to points (8) and (4) of the EN 1995-1-1.
  • Added the possibiity to use the screws for plates in tensile and shear connections with perforated plates
  • Improvement of the calculation of timber to timber connections: the user can now choose the method of installation of the metal fasteners (screws and nails): with or without pre-drilling.
  • New National Application Documents (NAD) added. The NADs of the following countries were added: Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • XLAM archive updated with new products
  • Improvement of the dxf exports: the wall elements and the pillars are now exported to the DXF file with the actual dimensions and thicknesses
  • Solid wood strength values updated: values updated according to EN 338: 2016
  • Bug fixing and small improvements