26/07/2016 Würth connections and fasteners, new types of connections and upgrade of user interface for connections definition

In the latest version of the software, we have added the following new features:

  • Würth connections and fasteners added: the user can now select the fasteners from a larger database. The connections produced by Würth which were added to the internal database are: hold-down, double hold-down, timber to concrete angle brackets, timber to timber angle brackets and screws for metal plates
  • New types of connections added: the user can now select and check new types of timber to concrete metal plates both for tensile and shear forces (i.e. Titan plate e WHT Plate) but also new angle bracket for tensile forces (i.e. Titan Washer)
  • CLT catalogs were updated: Hasslacher Norica Timber CLT panels added and Essepi XXL products updated to the new stratigraphies
  • User interface was enhanced for the definition of connections with anchors for concrete: the user can now define or edit the eccentricity coefficient value. This coeffcient takes into accout the additional moment due to the non-alignment between the external force acting on the vertical flange of the angle brackets and the group of anchors
  • Help (F1) improved and updated
  • Update of the calculation of the CLT walls vertical joints 
  • The extruded viewer now shows the position of the tensile and shear connections, morover this elements are showed in the BIM export (IFC file)
  • Bug fixing and small improvements