26/08/2016 Calculation of the lateral load carrying-capacity of metal fasteners taking into account the rope effect and addition of Würth punched metal plate

In the latest version of the software, we have added the following new features:

  • Enhanced calculation of the shear resistance of the metal fasteners: The lateral load carrying-capacity of metal dowel-type fasteners now takes into account the contribution of the rope effect in accordance to paragraph 8.2.2 of Eurocode 5. This improvement has effect, for example, on the calculation of the resistance of the connectors between the cladding sheet and the timber frame in framed walls and on the calculation of the vertical joints between the panels of  the segmented CLT walls. The user can edit the contribution to the load-carrying capacity due to the rope effect.
  • Addition of the punched metal straps and plates for shear and tensile forces produced by Würth: the user can now take advantage of a broader catalog of connections.
  • User personal area in English: The user’s personal page is now available in English
  • Updating and improvement of the online help (F1), the User Manual and Validation Manual: the online help, the user manual and the validation manual have been updated. These documents are now available in both Italian and English, you can also download the user manual from your personal page in pdf format
  • Bug fixing and small improvements