29/04/2019 – Ver. 73 – Bill of Quantities, improvement in speed of transition between different load combinations and other improvements in different functionalities

In the latest version of the software we added new features:

  • Automatic printing of the Bill of Quantities: additional module that can be purchased only by the users who have purchased a TimberTech Buildings license. The module allows you to export a document in Microsoft Excel format that contains the quantities of all the structural elements and the relative sub-components (connections, connectors, boards, CLT panels stratigraphy, product codes, etc.) for a quick cost estimate of the structures. The export format allows for easy customization. For more information on the Bill of Quantities module click here.
  • Improvement of results consultation speed: once the analysis is completed, the transition between the different load combinations and/or between the different load cases is now faster.
  • DXF import improvement: it is now possible to import dxf files with drawings placed very far from the origin. The software automatically recognizes the area of the drawing where the elements to be imported are present (concentrated in an area), discarding any isolated element that is very distant
  • Optimization of the calculation speed when automatically extended walls are present
  • Improvement of the selection of the elements using the table and of the link to the most severe check combination
  • Bug fixing and small improvements