Ex-Marangoni: nine and five-storey buildings in XLAM

The area once occupied by the historic production site of the ex Marangoni Meccanica, in the southern area of Rovereto, is being redeveloped through the construction of a pair of nine and five-storey timber buildings, for a total of 68 apartments for social housing. Manufactured using the wood of the fir trees felled by the Vaia storm in Val di Fiemme and in Primiero, the buildings meet the modern criteria of construction, for a sustainable project from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

Structural designers: Tiziano Sartori (ReWis) and Martino Miori (XLAM Dolomiti)

More info: www.ex-marangoni.it

Clients: Heliopolis, Ri-Legno

Main sponsor: Rockwool, XLAM Dolomiti

Patronages: Habitech, ARCA, PEFC