13/07/2015 Modal linear dynamic (response spectrum) analysis

In the latest version of the software, we added the following new features:

  • Modal linear dynamic (response spectrum) analysis: added the possibility to perform the linear dynamic analysis. The response of a structure is defined as a combination of many special shapes (modes). The software determines these modes and for each mode, reads a response from the design spectrum, based on the modal frequency and the modal mass. The responces are then combined using a complete quadratic combination to provide an estimate of the total response of the structure.
  • Possibility of selecting which results to print: you can choose which checks to export: only those related to static analysis (vertical loads and wind), those related to static analysis + seismic equivalent static analysis, or those related to static analysis + dynamic (response spectrum) analysis.
  • New graphic theme: we changed the theme and the icons of the software.
  • Bug fixing e small improvements