12/02/2020 – Ver. 78 – LVL and Uso Fiume Trieste new materials, improvement of the databases translations and of the reactions in foundation export, spreadsheet for the interstorey drift sensitivity coefficient, new welcome page

In the latest version of the software we added new features:

  • Inclusion of LVL: both softwood and beech LVL are now available and they can be used as beams, columns, joist floors and solid wood floors. The databases include the products of the main European manufacturers: Metsa Wood (Kerto), Steico e Pollmeier (BauBuche e Fichte LVL).
  • Improvement of the reactions in foundation export: inclusion of two new fields in the “actions.csv” file providing the name and the length of the element in each node. Inclusion of three new layers in the “geometry.dxf” file displaying the nodes numbers, the walls lines and the names of the elements in each node.
  • Improvement of the databases translations: all the databases are now consistently translated and they support the transition of the software from Italian to English version and viceversa.
  • Inclusion of Uso Fiume and Uso Trieste timber: softwood and chestnut Uso Fiume timber and softwood Uso Trieste timber are now available and they can be used in beam, column and joist elements according to their ETA specifications.
  • Spreadsheet for the calculation of the interstorey drift sensitivity coefficient: the users can now download form their Personal area the spreadsheet for the calculation of the interstorey drift sensitivity coefficient for the assessment of the second-order effects.
  • New welcome page: the software shows an interactive welcome page that will host constantly updated contents such as papers, events, blog posts, software updates and tutorial videos.